Read Medium stories on the command line with mediumcli

Hey, you! Do you like the command line? Yeah? How about Medium stories? Not really? Okay, move along then.

But if you do have a weakness for both useful little command line utilities and a nice Medium story here and there, you’ll probably want to take a look at djadmin’s mediumcli.


Installation is simple (if you already have Node.js):

npm install -g mediumcli

Using it? Pretty simple too:

# display the help
medium -h
# browse the top stories
medium top
# list by tag (accepts a --latest | -l option)
medium tag javascript
# search stories
medium search node
# open selected story in web browser rather than terminal (boo)
medium top -o

But, I hear you say, why would anyone want to read articles in the terminal instead of a browser? Well, honestly, I do it because the command line interface makes finding a specific article or reference quick and convenient. And also it makes me feel really really cool.

Oh, and if you like this, you’ll probably enjoy command-line MDN and/or arch-wiki-man too.

One more thing, as you can see I finally caved and added some social links to my blog. The reason is I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic from twitter and reddit lately, and I figure I may as well embrace it even though I originally wanted to keep this blog as bare-bone, personal and non-spammy as possible. But it turns out I feel really flattered when people actually want to share my articles, so if you like something, by all means, share on!